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FAN EXPO: CONTINUUM Presentation at Fan Expo Vancouver

How did Continuum creator Simon Barry conceive of a Vancouver in 2077 which has become North America’s financial centre in a world where corporations have taken over failed governments? By reading and watching the news, of course. He calls it more science fact than science fiction. In this dystopian future, rising seas from global climate change have wiped out the east coast but Vancouver is protected by a dam across English Bay.

So why hasn’t the Lions Gate Bridge been dealt with in 2077?,  joked one of the Continuum panel at Vancouver Fan Expo last Saturday. Is the city all bike lanes in 2077?,  joked a fan during the Q & A, prompting Barry to respond that there are no cars at all in his future Vancouver.

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PHOTO RECAP: Of Steveston Scenes in ONCE UPON A TIME 1×19 — Updated

We’ve been specualating for a while that Eion Bailey’s August W. Booth, aka The Stranger, could be Rumplestiltskin’s long-lost son Baelfire. It turns out he’s not, but Robert Carlyle’s Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold has some hope early on in episode nineteen called The Return.

It opens with a seemingly-disabled August struggling to get out of bed and to walk. He meets up with Jared Gilmore’s Henry across the street from Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop, asking for the boy’s help in “accelerating the plan” while pretending it’s part of Operation Cobra. “We’re a go,” he says as Henry runs into Mr. Gold’s to buy a gift for Miss Blanchard “since she didn’t kill that woman” (one of the funniest scenes is the accompanying “We’re glad you didn’t kill Mrs. Nolan” card from her class), while August searches Mr. Gold’s back office. I saw them film the exterior scenes in a mid-February downpour in Steveston dressed as Storybrooke, and then move inside Mr. Gold’s for interior scenes with Robert Carlyle.

Once Upon a Time intercut these scenes with the fairytale world where Bae tries to get his now clearly evil father Rumple to return to his original self, untainted by magic. They make a deal that if Bae can find a way to rid him of the Dark One’s powers, his father will go along with it.

Back in Storybrooke, a suspicious Mr. Gold decides to follow August out of town to the local convent. That’s Eion Bailey on the motor bike below but his stunt double rode it down the Moncton Street in Steveston. And that’s Mr. Gold’s ride, the big Cadillac parked outside his pawn shop.

Bae obtains a special bean from the Blue Fairy which will open a portal to a land without magic where his father will have no dark powers. But when Rumple sees the gigantic swirling vortex he loses his nerve, reneging on his deal Read More »PHOTO RECAP: Of Steveston Scenes in ONCE UPON A TIME 1×19 — Updated

BIG READ: FRINGE’s Epic Future Filmed at Olympic Village & B.C. Place

Published April 20, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome

Tonight’s Fringe — called Letters of Transit — promises to be epic, apparently set in the year 2036 in the world of the Observers, with big scenes of background performers dressed in their grey suits and fedoras filmed at the Olympic Village and on a concourse in B.C. Place stadium. Can you remember any TV production ever renting out even part of new B.C. Place for filming?

This is huge. Why is John Noble’s Walter Bishop in the future with Lost’s Desmond, aka Henry Ian Cusick? Vancouver’s own Fringe star Joshua Jackson has said this is where “the door to [Fringe’s] fifth season is opened” and plays into the decision to film two season four endings, one that would be used if Fringe is renewed (presumably related to the future Observer world) and the other if the show is cancelled.

.Joshua Jackson will be live-tweeting tonight with his handle @VanCityJax using the Fringenuity hashtag #FighttheFuture, along with Fringe showrunners Joel Wyman, @jwfringe, and Jeff Pinker, @jpfringe.

The Fringe Campaign, launched by Fringe fans at Fringenuity and adopted by Fringies the world over, is now backed by Fringe Read More »BIG READ: FRINGE’s Epic Future Filmed at Olympic Village & B.C. Place

SHOOT: A SINGLE SHOT’s Sam Rockwell method-acting in Langley

If you meet Sam Rockwell coming out of his trailer for the film A Single Shot, he’s a pleasant, genial guy, happy to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans. But as he crosses the street to set he turns into his surly character John Moon, a hunter who’s being tracked by hardened backwater crooks after stumbling into a deep woods campground filled with drugs, cash and the body of a young woman that Moon just killed by accident with a single fatal shot.

Outside Dot’s Diner turned Puffy’s Diner in old town Langley, Sam Rockwell walked head down around and around in a circle before going in the diner door and brushing past a Devon County Sheriff (West Virginia) for the scene. Later Rockwell kicked a garbage can again and again before doing a take of entering the diner. And even later, Rockwell picked up an umbrella and started whacking plastic cartons to get into character. I’d never seen someone method acting like this on location before. It was fascinating to watch.


Here he is coming out of the diner after a take. Is that the hint of a smile? It was one of the few times I caughtRead More »SHOOT: A SINGLE SHOT’s Sam Rockwell method-acting in Langley

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Cast Ride Green Hippocampus Rainbow at Ambleside Pier in West Vancouver

For all those asking, Nathan Fillion has not been spotted on set yet. I’ll be looking for Fillion on a Vancouver beach (hopefully not Ambleside beach yesterday) since he’s playing the Greek god Hermes, who meets Percy Jackson at a beach and gives him what he needs  to head into the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical golden fleece to save Camp Half-Blood from attack, the second in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise.

Logan Lerman is young Percy Jackson who embarks on a series of adventures based on Greek mythology. I saw Lerman yesterday at the end of the Ambleside Pier in West Vancouver riding a hippocampus, along with Douglas Smith as his half-brother Tyson and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase. The hippocamus was green screen so that CGI could be added later and had a removable head.

The only way up from this floating dock with the hippocampus was to climb the ladder so cast and crew were ferried by boat to a gang plank closer to shore between scenes. Read More »PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Cast Ride Green Hippocampus Rainbow at Ambleside Pier in West Vancouver