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Fairly Legal

WEEK: October 29 – November 4, 2012

#FairlyLegal – Kiss Me, Kate

Oh Kate. Successful in your professional life. And self-sabatoguing in your private one. Like so many women. How maddening was it in Kiss Me, Kate when she skipped a dinner date with Ben to fall into bed with her ex-husband Justin?

Mind you when your ex is played by Michael Trucco, it would be hard to resist. Here’s Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed on her way to Justin’s apartment, which turned out to be located on Cordova in the Koret Building in Gastown. (Episode 2×09 aired May 11th on the USA Network in the U.S. and last night on Showcase in Canada.)

Love how Sarah Shahi’s Uggs are the same colour as the pumps she wore in the scene.

Usually I’m pretty spoiler-free about Fairly Legal, despite having seen quite a bit of filming here in Vancouver, but I couldn’t help but catch the on-line tirades three weeks ago over Kate’s tryst with Justin. “I was so mad at Kate ..  . after last night’s episode, I decided it might be wise to cool my heels to avoid turning this review into one big rant, ” wrote Mary Powers at The Voice of TV. What Kate did may seem crazy but it’s very real. She’s fresh off a divorce from Justin who cheated on her so Ben suprising her with a kiss in the previous episode and then arranging a dinner date in this one scares the bejeesus out of her.  She tries to avoid the date and the possiblity of being hurt so desperately that she stands up Ben to sleep with familiar Justin. As Kate’s wise assistant Leo put it: “You know how you have the tendency to blow things up for no reason? BOOM!”

Earlier, I caught scenes of Justin, aka Michael Trucco  tracking down a street artist who’d paintbombed a valuable artwork that Lauren bought for the lobby of Reed & Reed. Turns out this street artist’s work had been “appropriated” by the name artist who’d sold the painting for $50,000.

The prop street art featured in this Gastown alley was spectacular. My photo of My Father Who Art in Heaven attracted over a thousand views on Flickr.

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SHOOT: FAIRLY LEGAL’s Judge Nicastro Ain’t Riding With Us!

Last Friday night’s Fairly Legal episode on USA Network featured this wonderful scene of Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro and Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed fighting their way through transit workers extras after a contract dispute goes array, filmed at the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery (a former courthouse) on a sunny afternoon in mid-February. As you can see, Judge Nicastro loses his temper and punches a protester near the bottom. And they did it all over again in take after take, with Shahi really getting into it. Between camera setups, the protester extras lounged in the sun with their signs, an odd sight for passersby who did double takes, wondering if this was yet another real protest in Vancouver.

Meatloaf, aka Martin Oday, played the union’s leader Charles McKay and he may have been on set at the Vancouver Art Gallery but I don’t think I photographed him. A pity. I’d love to have seen him.

We’ll have to wait several weeks to see this episode, Kiss me Kate, broadcast on Showcase in Canada.

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BIG READ: FAIRLY LEGAL’s Sarah Shahi Back for Second Season

Published November 24, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome

The Vancouver crew of Fairly Legal owe its star Sarah Shahi a big thankyou this American Thanksgiving. If not for her, it’s unlikely the USA Network show would have returned to film a second season here.

Sarah Shahi is a force of nature. Network execs seriously underestimated her immense appeal in the lead role as Kate Reed, a San Francisco lawyer-turned-mediator with a messy personal life. See Shahi filming below in late August 2010 outside the SFU Segal Graduate School of Business on Granville Street turned Reed & Reed Law Offices, started by Kate’s dead father. Then having lunch with her estranged husband, played by Michael Trucco, outside Trees Organic Coffee, while prop San Franciso cabs circled the block.

And at the beginning of this month walking down the south steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery — obviously back in character as feisty Kate.

Some creative changes had to be made before execs would renew the legal dramedy, which while a solid performer in its first season was no breakout hit like other USA Network series. I heard and overheard on set in September 2010 how unhappy network executives were with the general tone of the series, which had the working title Facing Kate, so it wasn’t a surprise when they cut the first season order to ten episodes from twelve, although they claimed scheduling issues. Read More »BIG READ: FAIRLY LEGAL’s Sarah Shahi Back for Second Season

BIG READ – Working the Comic Con Craziness in 2011 – Updated

Published July 21, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome

How’s this for Comic-Con craziness? Twihards starting lining up outside the San Diego Convention Center three days early (on Monday) to be among the six thousand lucky enough to get into The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 panel in Hall H, which took place just before lunchtime today. Breaking Dawn 1 was the first panel in Hall H so that Twihards couldn’t ruin Comic-Con like they usually do. What’s even more crazy? That the vampires and werewolves of the mainly Vancouver-shot Breaking Dawn 1 aren’t the most popular panel of the hundreds at Comic-Con 2011. Not even close. That honour belongs to the zombies of AMC TV series The Walking Dead.

Breaking Dawn 1 isn’t even among the most popular of Vancouver-filmed movies and TV series at Comic-Con, which has become less about big movies and more about cult television series in recent years. Locally-shot TV series Pscyh cracked the Top 25 most popular panels and Fringe, Eureka, Supernatural and Alcatraz are all in the Top 50. Breaking Dawn 1 and Underworld Awakening (the fourth in the movie franchise but only the third to star Kate Beckinsale and her vampire cat suit) barely made the Top 50 cut.

Psych presented today to standing-room-only, people-turned-away capacity, with Psych-os either dressed as pineapples or carrying them. Apparently series star James Roday (seen above directing a vampire-themed episode) improvised with a pineapple in the show’s premiere and there’s been one hidden in every episode since. Nominally a detective series, Psych knows how to play to a Comic-Con crowd, with several episodes in its sixth season (now filming in Vancouver) crossing over into genre stuff like vampires, super heroes and Star Trek. In a real casting coup, the original Captain Kirk — William Shatner — plays the father of one of the main cast in an episode filmed Read More »BIG READ – Working the Comic Con Craziness in 2011 – Updated