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SHOOT: Andie MacDowell & Dylan Neal Film CEDAR COVE in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

Based on Debbie Macomber’s best-selling books, Cedar Cove is about the life of Judge Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell), both in and out of the courtroom. Here she is walking on the beach with the Cedar Cove Chronicle editor Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal). The Hallmark Channel series started filming here in late March and will wrap its first season in late July. Most of the action takes place in and around Fort Langley, but scenes in the cove are filmed in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove. Last Friday, Cedar Cove shot Judge Olivia (MacDowell) riding her bike in Panorama Park, walking with Jack on the beach  and then on the government dock. All on a perfect May day.
No wonder L’Oreal used Andie MacDowell to model hair products. Even from a distance, you can tell she has great hair.
One of the little background performers wore his Vancouver Canucks jersey. Wonder if anyone will notice when the episode airs?
Cedar Cove’s two-hour premiere airs July 20th on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S. and July 21st on the W Network in Canada.

24 thoughts on “SHOOT: Andie MacDowell & Dylan Neal Film CEDAR COVE in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove”

  1. juan carlos carmore

    lovely as always, Andie, your performance give some kind of internal peace, nothing better than your midd smile and your eyes….

  2. Wow! I didn’t realise my favorite book series was being filmed in my home town. I am looking so forward to seeing it. I hope it is just as good as all the books. I’m sure it will be better.

    1. Pat, where is your home town. It is so beautiful on the show and I was curious if it is filmed in Washington or Canada. Thank you.

  3. Can you please tell me more exact . . the film location. It’s beautiful. I live in Oregon and plan to make a trip up and would like to check out the best Vancouver areas. Mechelle

    1. Last weekend’s Cedar Cove was filmed in Victoria on Vancouver Island, but from now on the town is different parts of Vancouver — the yellow courthouse exterior is the Fort Langley Community Hall (also plays Once Upon a Time’s Storbyrooke Town Hall). A lot of the town scenes are shot in Fort Langley. The cove scene in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove. The beach scenes in Crescent Beach. And the lighthouse in this weekend’s episode is in Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Like Oregon, Vancouver is naturally beautiful but Cedar Cove makes it look supernatural.

  4. judi Stevens-Spencer

    Please can you tell me where exactly Cedar Cove is being filmed? I am so addicted to this show, laugh, cry and thoroughly enjoying some of the best actors and actresses ever. The scenery is out of this world (I hope not) and would love to make a trip there. Is it an actual town? Wish this could be a continuing show to never end. I will be anxiously awaiting for any and all the information you can give me. Thanking you in advance.
    Judi Stevens-Spencer

    1. The pilot of Cedar Cove was filmed in Victoria on Vancouver Island but every other episode was filmed in a mix of places which make up Cedar Cove here. The lighthouse in tonight’s episode is at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Most of the town scenes are filmed in Fort Langley on the Fraser River. The cove is Deep Cove in North Vancouver. And some scenes are filmed in Crescent Beach near Whiterock. So bits and pieces of Cedar Cove are spread out over the Vancouver area.

    2. At the bottom of my hill 🙂 Not bad eh? It’s called Deep Cove and it’s even more breathtaking in person. Promise. It’s only a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver but. Summer time you can rent kayaks, and on Friday night’s you can catch a local live band playing on the bluff. Just bring your blanket 🙂 The Arms Reach is a great eatery overlooking the cove. Loads of biking, hiking, skiing and golfing. There’s actually a nice B&B there. There was a gorgeous one called Lockehaven, on the water, but as I write this I learned they just sold their million dollar view, literally (2.2 million). July or August are the best months to visit. Fall, winter and spring we get mostly rain but that’s what keeps it so fresh and green here. I think we are actually considered a rain forest 🙂

  5. Andie you are an ageless beauty … love the show … been to Deep Cove a number of times with relatives in Bellamy Washington. Actually played in Stratford a number of times. Now retired banker. Was in the Royal Canadian Regiment for years [Lieutenant]. My cousin Colonel Robert Macklin [retired] of the US army [Vietnam] has been on stage in the LA area for years. If you ever need a couple of old army guys for a cameo walk off-on we’re in.

  6. Hi, here’s a tough question for you- do you know where is the location of the house featured as the residence of the main character Olivia Lockheart in the new Hallmark mini series Cedar Cove?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. I don’t know where her house is. I remember thinking it looked like Crescent Beach where they were spotted on location many times but I will have a closer look.

  7. I love your show. You have a great cast. Hopefully you are supportive to each other on and off camera. I am curious. What type (name brand ) is the bicycle that Audri rides. I would like very much to know as I would like to get back into riding a bike but being old enough to be her mother I chose the wrong one and have not ridden it. The bike she rides if more the type Iwas used to when I was much younger. Thanks! Keep up the great job on the show everyone. I direct plays and musicals in high school and middle school so I try to point my students in the direction of good acting, although, I tell them that TV is an entirely different type of acting than live stage but they can still pick up good acting pointers within the building of a character and learning how to experss it and own that character on staage.
    Blessings, Elaine Messersmith Behney

    1. Best place to find out information about the show is to contact @cedarcovetv on Twitter or write to the official website http://www.hallmarkchannel/cedarcove. I enjoyed photographing a couple of their shoots but I’m not affiliated with the show. I watch it just like you do except I can recognize some of the locations and local actors.

    1. And don’t worry about misspellings and typos. I have people here who correct me publicly each time I make them so I try to be careful and still make them.

  8. My wife Marian loves Cedar Cove. For her Birthday I would like to bring her to a location to see one of the filming episodes I am planning to bring my wife to Vancouver in May of 2013. Any thing you can do to help us see the actual sights of the show would make my wife so happy. This is her favorite show and this is her &0th Birthday present.
    Thank you,
    Harry Barford (Her loving Husband)

  9. Are they making more shows in 2014. I love this show. Down to eartth, wholesome and entertaining. I hate all the violence and sex in today’s movies

    1. Yes they are filming season 2 in Fort Langley and Deep Cove and other Vancouver locations right now. Will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on July 20th. And then on W Network in Canada sometime later.

      PS. I like it too. A town where people don’t lock their cars or their houses. Bowen Island near Vancouver used to be a bit like that but it’s rare.

  10. I really love this show! Im so glad that Im not alone! I missed the first episode of Season 2, I have no excuse except that Im in grad school and lost track. Does anyone know if they plan on re-airing it?

    Love the beautiful photos but I guess you cant go wrong with such a beautiful place. Vancouver here I come!

  11. I was just about to ask all the questions everyone else asked and you are a very helpful source! Do you know if The Chronicle’s office, Moon’s cafe palce and the art gallery are actual buildings/shops in Fort Langley or whichever place it was shot or are those just sets?

  12. I finally just looked up where Cedar Cove series was filmed. I knew it! Filmed in the Lower Mainland, we Lower Mainland dwellers just seem to know. Great show! All you that love the scenery will absolutely be blowed over if you come for a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Cheers everyone.

  13. I love this show and don’t get the Hallmark channel. I saw season 1 on Netflix, and now pay Amazon to watch Season 2.
    I love this show, just love it and love the actors, especially hottie
    Dylan. As Grace said, he’s HOT!
    I hope it goes on forever, it makes me feel good, just love, love it.

  14. Just finish watching this on Netfix. Didn’t want to stop watching the 1st. 6 but it got late, started it the next morning to finish. I want to move to Ceder Cove! I know I am not but it sure feels good to think I could.

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