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SERIES FINALE: CEDAR COVE Wedding in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove with Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Colin Ferguson, Teryl Rathery, Sebastian Spence, Bob Boxleitner

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Grace (Teryl Rothery) and Cliff (Sebastian Spence) pick a stunning backdrop for their wedding officiated by Judge Lockhart (Andie MacDowell) for what-turned-out-to-be Cedar Cove’s series finale. That’s North Vancouver’s Deep Cove as Cedar Cove, Washington.

Screenshot (1773)

cc wedding70

Cedar Cove filmed the wedding for two days this summer in Deep Cove. Here’s Bob Beldon (Bruce Boxleitner) helping maid of honour Maryellen (Elyse Levesque) out of the car.

cc wedding8-2

And the bride (Teryl Rothery).

cc wedding6

cc wedding40

cc wedding13-2

cc wedding 1

Will Jeffers (Cameron Bancroft) comes to speak to the bride.

cc wedding34

cc wedding48

Crew scatters flowers on the blue carpet.

cc wedding30

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cc wedding29

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Cedar Cove’s season 3 finale airs this Saturday, September 26th, on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S. and on Thursday, October 8th, on W Network in Canada.


This turned out to be the series finale after Hallmark decided not to renew Cedar Cove, leaving the main couple — Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell) and Jack Griffith (Dylan O’Neal) –estranged, a complete departure from the Debbie Macomber books, where Olivia and Jack marry. What a disappointment.

27 thoughts on “SERIES FINALE: CEDAR COVE Wedding in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove with Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Colin Ferguson, Teryl Rathery, Sebastian Spence, Bob Boxleitner”

    1. What a crappy way to end Cedar Cove. Now I have to buy the books to see how it really ends
      .. that is if Ms Macombers series ends better

  1. Was there a 12th episode to season 3?? It says there were 36 total. The 11th one left us hanging with Mike asking Olivia if she cared for him like he did her. It did not show Olivia and Jack breaking up.

  2. When Hallmark decided to cancel season 4, they should have at least filmed a final episode to finish up the story, rather than leaving viewers hanging.

    1. I totally agree! I’ve seen the Jack character in shows where he played a not nice guy so maybe marred my opinion of Jack’s character in cedar cove. I found him creepy.

  3. I agree but I love Good Witch and I am a Heartie. These are two great series and they are both pretty long-running.

  4. Just finished bing watching cedar cove and was thrown back without a follow up on Paul and Olivia. How could Hallmark cancel such an amazing show?

  5. Why on Earth leave the end of season 3 with such a cliffhanger? I read somewhere that Hallmark canceled it because it had only slightly more than a million viewers during the third season. For me, that’s a million people who aren’t watching the violence sexual garbage that’s on the other networks. Hallmark, you called this one wrong. Season 4 could have had such an intriguing storyline but it wasn’t a money maker for you. But you keep other newer programs on that seem so off base compared to the original Hallmark values that it looks like you’re going to lose your base audience.

  6. I cannot express how disappointed I was when I saw the last episode of Cedar Cove. I watched every episode in 3 days streamed on Peacock. I was so looking forward to more. I am so disappointed in the final episode. How can you let it end this way?

  7. A ridiculous decision by the Hallmark executives to cancel Cedar Cove! As someone else said, you definitely called this one wrong! What a disappointment!

  8. I agree. They show stories with very few morals but don’t continue Cedar Cove that is life as it should be because it’s not a money maker.

  9. Disappointed to find out how Cedar Cove was left dangling! Binged watched in 2 days not expecting such a disappointing finale! And your article says main characters Jack & Olivia were estranged when series ended. Not true! They were living together which is what prompted Paul’s departure from Cedar Cove.
    The cliffhanger was Paul asking Olivia if she felt the same for him.
    So disappointed Hallmark didn’t give the series & the fans proper closure!

  10. A network that cares about its fans would not end a series like this with such a lack of resolution about the core relationship in the series.

    Shame, Hallmark!

  11. I discovered this show last week and am now halfway through the last season. Based on these comments, I’m already furious that this is apparently going to “end without an ending”. What a disappointment! Obviously a bad decision on Hallmark’s part.

  12. I agree with above comments about the ending. I am an avid fan of Debbie Macomber books and was excited to see this on Peacock. I was disappointed with the ending. Did Olivia marry Jack, did Olivia answer Paul, did Olivia’s daughter get married and did her boyfriend agree to have children, what happened to Warren, etc

    1. This is the first hallmark series that i have ever watched. I was captured by the story line and loved the characters. ( only didn’t like that characters were played by different actorrs. I would rather have seen them written out)… so disappointed with how it ended. I have no interest in getting involved in a hallmark series again.

  13. I can’t believe there was not an episode four!
    Hey, just left everyone hanging as to whether the judge got married and to who? I am so disappointed in this!
    You writers should be ashamed of yourselves, not a good ending, actually, no ending!!

  14. This is so disappointing!!!!! I hate when they leave shows hanging. I hesitate to get involved in a series cause this happens so frequently. Shame on Hallmark

  15. Interesting ending; so happy for Cliff; assume Olivia realizes she needed a stable mate like Paul and perhaps Jack learns to stand once he pursues Alex. Wonder how Buck will finally let Warren face his consequences. Prison can grow a man.

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