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Extended Trailer For THE FLASH’s Kid Flash & Arrowverse Return

Extended Trailer For THE FLASH’s Kid Flash & Arrowverse Return

The next episode of The Flash is a Kid Flash and Arrowverse return directed by Danielle Panabaker, with the Arrow heroes joining Team Flash to protect Central City from villainous Bloodwork.

David James Papa/Nixon73 on Instagram..

Diggle/Spartan (David Ramsey), Barry Allen/the Flash (Grant Gustin), director Danielle Panabaker and Oliver Queen/the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARRY; STEPHEN AMELL, DAVID RAMSEY, KEIYNAN LONSDALE AND SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY GUEST STAR – Team Flash throws a surprise birthday party for Barry (Grant Gustin) but things go terribly awry when Ramsey Rosso (Sendhil Ramamurthy) crashes the festivities. Danielle Panabaker directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Emily Palizzi (#909). 

Infected Kid Flash.

On set at Vancouver Art Gallery.

David James Papa/Nixon73 on Instagram.



Fighting Bloodwork

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The Arrowverse Mashup.

Enjoy the mashup you had no idea you needed! — David Ramsey on Instagram.

Homage to Arrow fight sequences:

Director Danielle Panabaker promises an homage to Arrow fight sequences.

Infected SWAT officers versus the Green Arrow:

Green Arrow stunt rehearsal at the Vancouver Art Gallery on January 11th:

Vancouver Art Gallery location:

The Flash filmed the big battle at the Vancouver Art Gallery overnight for two nights — January 12th & 13th — in extreme rain.

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Grant Gustin & Stephen Amell Reunion:

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Barry, Barry, Barry. What have you done this time? — Oliver.

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell filmed this reunion on January 10th in the forest of Burnaby’s Central Park as Lian Yu.

Good times, a lot of laughing — Grant Gustin told TVLine about working again with Stephen Amell.

After the episode wrapped filming in mid-January, Stephen Amell thanked Vancouver and everyone associated with The Flash for the privilege of coming back.

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