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Todd Opens Own P.I. Biz in SO HELP ME TODD Season 2 Premiere Filming in Vancouver

CBS via TVLine

Todd opens his own private Investigator business in So Help Me Todd’s Season 2 premiere on February 15th, which started filming on December 12th in British Columbia.

“Iceland Was Horrible” – Margaret and Todd tackle a case involving a murder on live local morning news and must rethink their working relationship after Todd decides to open his own PI business.

Season 2 of the hit CBS dramedy, starring Marcia Gay Harden as successful lawyer Margaret and Skylar Astin as her scruffy aimless PI son Todd, is back filming this week after a 10-day holiday break.

Where did we leave So Help Me Todd in season one?

Margaret became a partner in her law firm and Todd got his PI licence back.

So Help Me Todd Season 2:


Filming dates: December 12 2023 – April 15 2024.

Holiday hiatus: December 23 2023 – January 02 2024.

Creator: Scott Prendergast.

Showrunner: Elizabeth Klaviter.

Cast: Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin, Madeline Wise, Inga Schlingmann, Rosa Arrendondo, Tristan J. Winger. 

The Family:

Madeline Wise is Todd’s sister Allison, an ER trauma surgeon.

The Law Firm:

Inga Schlingmann is Todd’s former girlfriend Susan, who now works with his mother Margaret at her law firm.

Rosa Arrendondo is Margaret’s “Girl Friday” Francey at the law firm.

Tristan J. Winger is licensed investigator Lyle at Margaret’s law firm. 

OK. I need for you to put together a plan to live an adult, financially solvent life – Mom to Todd.

What are you doing, get off the wheel?! I am driving this car. – Todd.

Filming in Vancouver:

Marcia Gay Harden & Skylar Astin in Downtown Vancouver.

Marcia Gay Harden at North Vancouver Public Library.

Producers: Stage 29 Productions, Scott Prendergast.

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