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Justin Hartley’s TRACKER: BC as Montana Tonight

After its big post-Super Bowl debut last Sunday, Justin Hartley’s hit show Tracker is back tonight with its second episode titled Missoula — with British Columbia playing Montana.

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Colter tracks down a missing young man who has been pulled into a deadly cult and doesn’t want to be found.

Updated: With Ryan Robbins as the cult leader at the compound.

Tracker started filming this episode late last November, more than a year after its pilot shot in Vancouver.

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Tracker Season One:


Filming dates: November 29 2023 – March 24 2024

Cast: Justin Hartley, Robin Weigert, Abby McEnany, Eric Graise, Fiona Rene.

Producers: 20th Television, Justin Hartley.

Colter’s Team.

Robin Weigert’s Teddi Bruin and Abby McEnany’s Velma Bruin are the couple who run Colter’s “back end”: seeking new jobs, keeping track of the cash and helping to get him sprung from jail.

Eric Graise’s Bob Exley is a computer scientist and Colter’s sparring partner.

Fiona Rene’s Reenie Greene is a lawyer and an ex who can’t quit him.

With Wendy Crewson as Colter’s mother.

Adapted from the Jeffery Deaver thriller.

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